BNB Acne Kit

BNB Acne Kit

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Β Hello clearer complexion.Β  This kit works in such a way that it directly combats acne, giving the user confidence in their appearance since their skin reflects this truth to the rest of the world.”

  • Gentle Cleanser: Start your skincare routine with our gentle cleanser, designed to remove dirt, oil, and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

  • Targeted Treatments: Say goodbye to pesky pimples with our powerful spot treatments. Formulated with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, these treatments target existing breakouts and prevent new ones from forming.

  • Balancing Moisturizer: Hydrate and nourish your skin with our balancing moisturizer. Lightweight and non-comedogenic, it helps maintain moisture levels while mattifying oily areas, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • Exfoliating Scrub: Banish dead skin cells and unclog pores with our exfoliating scrub. Formulated with gentle exfoliants, it helps reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin and promotes cell turnover for a brighter complexion

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